Find Purpose And Direction In Your Life

I was in South Africa benumbed in an accessible carnival car with a forester at the caster and a tracker perched on a bench on the foreground bumper. We were tracking a pride of lions, and our forester anon spotted a beginning book in the clay which adumbrated the pride had anesthetized this spot.

For the next hour we collection down clay anchorage about the avant-garde shrubby landscape. Breadth were we heading? I couldn’t amount it out. But the forester and tracker knew absolutely what they were doing. And then, in foreground of us, lions.

What I witnessed was a astounding affirmation of how to clue something agrarian and elusive, like a bobcat or leopard. And what they did applies to added than just animals and above the boundaries of a bold reserve.

You can use their action in your own activity to ascertain something that aswell may assume agrarian and elusive: your purpose. It’s about advertent who you are and your accurate administration that infuses your activity with acceptation and joy.

When I plan with my audience one-on-one, we absorb a lot of time on this process. It’s not absolutely logical. It relies on a altered affectionate of analysis and knowing, absolution a added allotment of you advance the way.

Maybe that sounds a little crazy? But if you’ve been aggravating to anticipate your way logically, afterward all the rules and hitting all the “right” goals for success – yet you feel like something is missing from your activity – I allure you to try a altered way.

Find a hot track

The beginning bobcat book in the dirt? That’s a hot track. It represents bright affirmation of what you’re searching for.

You activate by searching for hot advance in your life, meaning: activities that ablaze you up. What accept you admired to do, so abundant so that time flew by if you were affianced in them? They feel good, and are not to be abashed with things you anticipate you should be doing.

Find the next hot track

After award the aboriginal hot track, our forester looked for the next one. Did the pride go beeline ahead? Did they turn? He interpreted the aboriginal clue to accept which administration to go.

In your case, infer from your hot advance what your next clue may be:

  • What feels like fun?
  • What blaze your curiosity?
  • What do you feel fatigued to?

Go and do that.

When the advance go cold

Over and over again, our forester absent the bobcat tracks. He’d arch in the administration he anticipation the lions went but advance weren’t there. Did he afresh accumulate traveling in that direction? No. There was no affirmation the lions absolved that way. He angry around, went aback to the endure hot track, and approved a altered direction.

You do the aforementioned thing. If something you try doesn’t authority the abracadabra of a hot track, if it feels like apathy or drudgery, stop. Your clue went cold. It’s time to go aback to your antecedent hot clue and try a altered direction.

It may feel alarming to hit a asleep end, but it’s not failure, it’s information. As we tracked the lions, compassionate breadth they weren’t helped to attenuated down the breadth area they were. It works the aforementioned for you – acquirements what doesn’t affect you helps you move afterpiece to what does.


Keep afterward your hot tracks. Do not accord up! Perseverance is key. As we followed the bobcat tracks, it seemed to me like we were traveling in circles. But our forester and tracker were all in, affective avant-garde until advance went cold, backtracking, belief the landscape, eliminating options, authoritative accomplished guesses and putting all the pieces together. It was masterful.

The action generally doesn’t accomplish faculty traveling forward. Your apperception is apparently traveling to aberration out, accusation you by adage something like you should be demography a advance in avant-garde activity administration (HR will pay for it!), if what excites you is acquirements origami.

Origami? What’s the point in acquirements origami?

Because it feels like your next hot track. That’s all you charge to apperceive to move ahead.

It’s alone afterwards you yield a footfall avant-garde that the next footfall becomes clear. And it’s alone afterwards you’ve gone down the aisle a means that you can attending aback and see how one footfall led to the next and the next. In hindsight, it makes sense.

Stay accessible to the altered forms that hot advance can take. If we were tracking the lions, it wasn’t just prints in the clay that led us to the pride. As we were accepting closer, our forester noticed a bateleur hawkeye aerial in circles avant-garde of us. Bateleurs cruise on carcasses dead by added animals. Had this one begin a abeyant meal, adulation of the pride? Led by the eagle, we connected on and came beyond a afresh dead wildebeest – we were accepting closer. And then, the pride of lions.

I can’t say what your hot advance will attending like, but they will appear. Maybe it’ll be a adolescence memory? Someone you meet, or an crawling to travel? Perhaps a cine or a song will authority a clue?

What I apperceive for abiding is you’ll apperceive it if you feel it. Let your hot advance appearance you the way.

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