What Is the Value of an Empty Glass?

The value of an empty glass is its emptiness. An eight-ounce glass has served its usefulness once it’s full. To continue to pour liquid leads to wastefulness. To reuse that glass its contents must be poured out.Each person is a vessel made in the image and likeness of God. Our inner space can hold infinite light and wisdom.There is a saying that states that two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. A box filled with useless junk has little to no value, it is wise to empty the contents and filled it with something more useful. An inner space filled with false and harmful thought forms prevents positive thoughts to find space. One cannot put wine in an old bag. One must eliminate negativity so that a positive can find space and take root.One must become baptized in light, truth, and wisdom.Your inner space is your divine kingdom or your fiery hell. It depends on what you’re holding inside. If you are keeping falsehoods, deceptions, and hatred, then your outer world must reflect that vibration. To receive more light, one must learn to recognize false prophets and disregard their false teachings.A false prophet knows not Truth for their inner space is filled with darkness. Their words will not uncover your kingdom; their words will bury you in confusion.

A person who carries a vessel filled with light will have eyes that twinkle, their body fragrant and will have spiritual powers.Life is an inner and outer journey, but a man can only lead you as far as he knows.Everyone is a child of God, but all are not emitting the same ray of light. Some are releasing light equivalent to a twenty-watt light bulb, while others are emitting a two hundred watt light bulb. All can hold and reflect infinite fire, but one must develop the capacity to do so. You cannot pour a gallon of water into a two-ounce glass.The word value has five letters and means, luminosity. You are a light being, eternal. An eternal entity is free from the concept of time. It knows no boundaries. It’s free from the entanglements of the three material encasements, no longer caught in a spider’s web. Free to merge with God yet retains its spiritual light ray, can cover itself in a cosmic costume called a body but not bound by karma, can go and come using its free will.The letter v, a master letter, is ruled by the master number 22. It has overcome its obstacles, cut its cords that has kept it bound. It is no longer weighed down to the dense vibration call matter.The letter a, ruled by the number one. There is a saying that says when a student is ready a prophet will come. An individual must make an effort in its search for enlightenment. Your will and self-determine attempts are like a powerful searchlight that powerful light beings see and come to offer help and assistance.The letter l, ruled by the number 3. You are directly connected to first and second infinite principles number one and two.There are volumes of books dedicated to Jesus’s and his relationship to God, first principle, but what are the ties of a soul to Jesus, first and second law? Souls, bewilder, lost, an alien unto itself for it knows not of its relationship or origins. It seeks guidance from those that profess knowledge; it’s told that it’s a sinner and must repent if it hopes to enter into pearly gates.The letter u, ruled by the number 3. The number 3 is the silent voice, it speaks, but we do not hear due to outside noise that has become our life. During sleep, God reminds us that we are souls having a physical experience but comprehend it not.

Letters L and U both carry the number 3, blending into the master number 33. Master number 33 reminds us that we are cosmic beings. Our nature molded in the likeness of God.The letter e, ruled by the number 5. Number five is a five-pointed star. Our bodies are composed of the same cosmic energy as stars. We long for freedom from the entrapment of our three worlds, physical, astral and casual. We do not realize that we make our nets then use them to entangle ourselves.We pray for a savor to come and free us from our bondage but have forgotten that we are a Christ endowed we Christ intelligence.Adding all five energies, 4 1 3 3 5 we get the compound number 16, reduced down to its core essence number 7. Number 7 teaches us that we must value our spirit. We are not sinners but co-creators of creation. It does not matter how many times you enter into Heaven, of experience a fiery hell you are neither of these two cosmic dreams. You are eternal, and there is nothing more valuable than that!